UCO Collection

Used Cooking Oil

UCOs are oils and fats that have been used for cooking or frying in the food processing industry, restaurants, fast foods and at consumer level, in households. This used cooking oil becomes hazardous for human consumption after being used for frying. Various toxins like Total Polar compounds are formed after repeated frying. These compounds if ingested by human body can cause various diseases like hypertension, liver diseases, Alzheimer’s etc.

This used cooking oil when treated with certain chemicals at a certain temperature has the potential to be converted into fuel. This fuel is called biodiesel. Glycerin is the main byproduct of this conversion process. Used cooking oil is a widely available raw material as the food industry is rampant in every part of the world and can be found in each and every household.

In India there are statewide collectors which are appointed by the FSSAI through RUCO initiative. These aggregators collect used cooking oil from various restaurants, households, food processing units etc and are restricted to sell this collected UCO only to Biodiesel plants.

This step has proven a smooth supply of raw material to biodiesel plants and helps to promote such plants which have the capabilities to become pioneers in the clean energy industry. Our company collects UCO from these aggregators. Also the collection of used cooking oil makes sure that this hazardous oil is not spilt in various water bodies by the food industry units, this ultimately helps to fight pollution.

Overall through UCO collection and its conversion into biodiesel is a new age move to reduce pollutions and be environmentally responsible.


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